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Paul Tracy Can't Drive

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When you're drunk and blessed with a natural immaturity, there are few things in life that seem like a better idea than taking a golf cart out for a joyride. Champ Car racer Paul Tracy agrees. At least, he did about a week ago, before he his golf cart flipped and landed on his drunk ass, breaking his shoulder blade in the process.

"Sorry to say it was self-inflicted," Tracy told the Toronto Star. "I was at a party and had a little too much to drink, and we thought it was a good idea to go out on a golf cart and try and jump some sand dunes with it. Like I say, it sounded like a good idea at the time, but it didn't pan out that way."


That's embarrassing. That's what golf carts are for, people who are too drunk to walk. I don't know exactly how drunk Paul Tracy was, but I've seen and been in golf carts driven by people who can barely see, and I've never flipped. This professional driver can't handle a golf cart with a little booze in his system? They should kick him off the circuit.

Alcohol, golf cart don't mix for Champ Car star [MSNBC]

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