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Pedro Hears A Pop

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You didn't think Mets fans were going to stay happy and optimistic about the season very long, did you? Pedro Martinez pulled/tore/yoinked his hamstring/tendon/groin/anal fissure and very well might miss a few weeks. As if just to rub it in, new reliever Matt Wise gave up a walk-off homer to Robert Andino in the Marlins' 5-4 extra inning win.


No word yet exactly how long Pedro will be out, but it's not going to be soon, which means we hope you like El Duque. Mets fans are somewhat concerned.

Pedro had had such a good spring. I know. I also know, as we all do, that such a good spring means nothing. Just as such a terrible spring means nothing. But a pop in the hamstring of an aging starting pitcher means quite a bit. It means ... well, we'll start to know soon enough, but it probably means no Pedro J. until May. And it certainly means that all of our attempts to tell ourselves that the Mets' problems with age and infirmity were overblown lasted exactly 12 1/3 innings. Less than that if you count Alou's groin and El Duque's foot and Castillo's knees and Beltran's knees and Wagner's back and Delgado's hip. Which we weren't doing yesterday, because it was Opening Day and we won and we were glorious.

We Still Want To Call Him "Joey" Sometimes. Josh Hamilton's inspiring! return from the occasional moments of awesomeness surrounded mostly by paranoia and fear depths of drug addiction continued last night with a two-run homer off J.J. Putz in the ninth inning to give the Rangers a 5-4 win over the Mariners. Hamilton, once again, heroically resisted the urge to snort the third base line at the end of his home run trot, for which we continue to salute him.

Troy Glaus Is No Scott Rolen. Glaus' throwing error in the eighth inning — on a very easy play at the plate — helped lead to Colorado's 2-1 win over our Cardinals. Yes, indeedy: Kip Wells and Kyle Lohse had a pitching duel.

Undefeated! There are three 2-0 teams in baseball. The Washington Nationals (who were off yesterday), the Los Angeles Dodgers (who have beaten the Giants twice, which shouldn't count) and the San Diego Padres, who beat the Astros 2-1 yesterday. Pretty good for a team whose top pinch hitter is Jody Gerut.