Pedro Martinez Kills Ned Yost On TBS Postgame Show

The Royals beat the A's in the AL wild card play-in game despite, not because of, manager Ned Yost. This didn't escape TBS analyst Pedro Martinez, who absolutely lambasted Yost's decision to relieve James Shields with fellow Dominican Yordano Ventura two days after Ventura threw 73 pitches. Martinez even gave Ventura a Spanish version of the Good Will Hunting "it's not your fault" speech.


Pedro was so insulted by Yost's decision that he found the time during the live broadcast to tweet about it:


You can read an unedited transcript of Martinez's remarks below.

not only that, in the kind of situation, you bring a guy like that. the kid pitched the other day and had, think, 72 pitches. there's no need to bring another starter in this situation. you have finnegan in there. you can bring the lefty. you have duffy. you can use anybody against moss, especially making the statement he made in the first inning and hitting the two homers. too bad one of them was against ventura. but i will say, remember when aoki was the best hitter in the kansas city royals game? well, that was a panic move, right? well, i think this is another panic move from ned yost. he almost gave the game away. if kansas city ends up losing that game, ned yost would have been the ugly goat heading out of kansas city today.

and you feel bad for ventura who comes in, inherited runners, not used to that situation. it's tough. i know you had a special message you wanted to give him if he's watching.

for ventura, i would say. [ speaking foreign language ]

translated, it was ned's fault. don't worry. we won anyway. i think. shef, how about you? we were talking about it before it happened. it was crazy how it played out. you saw it on social networking. for ned, love him. but in that spot, man, that's tough.