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Peja Stojakovic Has Some 'Splainin To Do

The Hornets star was in Los Angeles on Friday. I know this not from looking at the schedule, but from the Tweets - and video - of a porn star who claimed she met him. Intimately.

Sienna West is an adult actress, and like all sex workers these days, she updates the world on her, um interactions. (A Tweet the previous day ended with "G/g gang bang.") So when she had an appointment to meet Stojakovic for...something, she just had to film herself on the way.


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(Note: I am definitely not the "Barry" she is speaking to in the video. The one who tells her he hopes Peja tips her.)


I have no idea if she actually met him. I have no idea what they did together, if they did indeed meet. I do know, however, what she wrote afterwards:


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