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Penguins Fans Crashes Stanley Cup Celebration

Have you ever dreamed of being on the ice with your favorite team as they hoist Stanley Cup, then heading back to the locker room for a champagne bath with your heroes? Go ahead! NHL security obviously won't stop you.

Just follow the lead of Ryan Kraft, a Dayton-area Penguins fan who was out Joe Louis Arena on the night the Penguins won the Stanley Cup. As the team skated the Cup around the ice, he decided to get closer to the action to take a picture. Then he got closer. Clooooooser. Then he just walked right out on to the ice and joined the fray. No problem.


In the delirium of the moment, no one really seemed to notice or care that one of the team's "family members" was taking fanboy pictures with everyone he could, stealing champagne bottles, and kissing the Red Wings logo at center ice. And when the party headed back to locker room, he just waltzed right in with everyone else. More champagne, more autographs, got his picture taken with Mario Lemiuex and ... yep, that's him holding the Stanley Cup. Unbelievable.

It's both amazing (for this guy) and a little scary (for everyone else) that it's this easy to by pass the bouncers at a championship celebration. Why spend all that effort learning to play hockey at a world-class level when you can just wait for somebody else to win the Stanley Cup and then take it from them? It's so much easier that way.

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