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Penn State Football Commit Charged With Robbing Philly Wawa Of $13,600

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

If you asked me to guess how much money a person could make from robbing a Wawa, under no circumstances would I guess anything close to $13,000. But I am told, in this report from the Inquirer, that that is more or less the score allegedly taken by young Isheem Young, a Penn State football commit, who is accused of robbing a Wawa in Pennsylvania over the summer:

A police report alleged that Young, armed with a black revolver, robbed the Wawa at 1602 Christopher Columbus Blvd. on July 30 and took $13,600 in cash from the store’s safe.

Young committed to Penn State less than two weeks before the incident.

Police said that Young — who was 17 at the time of the crime — was aided by his brother, who was the manager of the Wawa, and by a getaway driver.


17-year-olds get up to some dumb shit, and this is certainly an incredibly dumb and dangerous way to derail a future that so far looks like it includes college football and college courses and, you know, not going to prison. But also, damn, Wawa! That’s a lot of cash on hand!

Here’s surveillance video of the robbery, if you want to watch some not-at-all-subtle robbers make off with a giant block of cash:

A court official said the 18-year-old was arraigned late Friday night on counts of robbery, conspiracy, firearms violations and related offenses. Bail was set at $150,000, and it was not immediately clear whether he made bail.

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