Penn State Students Chant "No Means No" At Maryland's Dez Wells

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Yesterday, Maryland traveled to Happy Valley to play and ultimately defeat Penn State. It was a hard-fought game that went down to the wire, but perhaps the most interesting moment came midway through the first half, when Terps senior star Dez Wells went to the foul line.

That's when the chanting started: "No means no! No means no!"

The context of the jeers is that in August 2012, Wells was kicked off of Xavier University's team and expelled from the school for "a serious violation of the Code of Student Conduct." Wells was accused of sexual assault. An Ohio grand jury, however, decided against hitting him with federal criminal charges. He walked free, transferred to Maryland, and sued Xavier, claiming that the allegations were false, and only came after consensual sex. The two parties settled late last year.


The fun and the allure of being a hardcore college sports fan is largely in being a savage who will say anything and everything to hurt opponents and/or make the people around them laugh. In that vein, this is fair game, especially since there's no real equivalence to strike between Wells's rape charge and Jerry Sandusky's. But c'mon; Penn State is relevant today for one reason.

h/t Ariel