Penn State Trustee Anthony Lubrano Says Board Deserves Refund For Freeh Report

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You remember Anthony Lubrano: he ran for and won a seat on the Penn State board of trustees amidst the Sandusky firestorm after criticizing the way the school fired Joe Paterno. He was well-known in the community as the namesake of the Penn State baseball field and a four-year varsity letter man in the late seventies and early nineties. Except he wasn't.

Lubrano was already livid with the Paterno firing and now that he's read the Paterno's report on the Freeh report he wants Louis Freeh to refund the school because "The Freeh report purports to be the result of something that it is not."


Lubrano said he recently reviewed what he called the "engagement letter" that is the document authorizing Freeh's law firm to undertake the investigation. Lubrano said he saw the document at the trustees office in Old Main but was not allowed to make a copy. He said he took "copious notes."

The document, he said, specified that Freeh would "perform an independent, full and complete investigation of the recently publicized allegations of sexual abuse at the facilities and the alleged failure of PSU personnel to report such sexual abuse to appropriate police and government authorities."


Lubrano says the school didn't get its money's worth and he now believes the board is entitled to either a partial or full refund of the price paid to Freeh's group and plans on bringing it up at the next board meeting in March. Lubrano's not a lone wolf in this, obviously, and has at least one ally in the reasonably-named Penn Staters For Responsible Stewardship. Spokeswoman Maribeth Schmidt had this to say:

Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship not only would like to see a full refund, but demands that Freeh publicly face his critics and explain the methodology and motivation behind the absurd conclusions that have wrongly tainted and devalued the Penn State brand.

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