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People Are Destroying Their Nike Gear Because Of Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is the new face of a Nike ad campaign. As you might imagine, this has really angered the type of people who have said, “I’m a Christian first, and a conservative second” out loud at the dinner table. And if there’s one thing you can expect from these people, it’s that they will go about expressing their displeasure in the dumbest way possible.

And so let us bear witness to what has now become a great tradition of the internet: destroying your stuff to own the libs. Some guy from some dumb country band got us started by taking a picture of his sound guy’s mutliated socks:


Well those are going to be impossible to wear.

Good job fucking up your lawn, man.


Jeremy’s parents are going to be so mad when they find all that crud in the stove.


Eh, those weren’t really in the best condition.


Free golf balls up for grabs!


We all know Kolten pulled that stuff right back out of the trash as soon as the camera was off.


Normal thing to do on a Tuesday morning.

We’ll end with this guy, who busted out the damn blowtorch:

My message to these folks is a simple one: please keep it up.

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