It must be a slowass week in the NFL, because people are still being idiots about the dustup between Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh. Hey Mark Schlereth, can I count on you for saying something delightfully cliched and stupid?

Coaches start fight club, commish says "Cool" RT @b_sanch_76: "Clay Matthews fined $5,000 for yellow shoes"

THEY DIDN'T FIGHT! What part of the tape did you miss, you lump of shit? You know what happens whenever there's a near-fight between players on the field? Here's what happens: they swear at each other, then some teammates rush into prevent a fight, then one of the announcers says things are "getting a little bit chippy now" between the two teams, then the refs decide to not throw a flag, and then everyone moves on. That's the end of it, which is as it should be. That's pretty much exactly what happened here. Only this time, the participants were coaches so people were like ZOMG! THESE ARE LEADERZ OF MEN! WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE ARE WE SETTING FOR OUR APPARENTLY RETARDED AND EASILY INFLUENCED CHILDREN?!

I hate it when the league fines players for bullshit like uniform violations or Hawk joking with his teammates. That's annoying. But it would be no better for the league to apply the same idiotic standards and fine Schwartz and Harbaugh for NOT fighting. Their little high-five malfunction isn't some broader sign of the erosion of American leadership. It was just two people getting pissy. That tends to happen when hyper-intense personalities meet at the field after a hardly contested football game. Leave it alone. It was a goddamn argument. No one gives a shit. Anyone who's relying on the NFL fine system to uphold national morals deserves to be high-fived in the nuts.