We know this has been beaten into the ground by now, but really do consider it instructive to think of not only of the Indianapolis Colts as the St. Louis Cardinals, but also the Chicago Bears as the Detroit Tigers. In the former example, a team that had earned much recent success finally won a championship with one of its lesser teams (in a relatively dull deciding game/series). In the latter example, the guy(s) who throw all the balls kept making inexplicable, dunderheaded errors at the worst possible times. In the Tigers' case, it was the five pitcher errors; in the Bears', it was Rex Grossman.

It's just the day after the Super Bowl, and we should enjoy a team's championship before we start looking toward next year ... but it seems impossible that the Bears are ever gonna let the Cannon near their team again. Grossman's first errors were of the fumbling, "hey, it's wet!" variety, but by the fourth quarter, he truly was just his trademark "F—k It, I'm Goin' Deep!" In the Super Bowl. Against a terrible run defense. We wouldn't trust that guy not to break a piece of Tupperware. The postgame highlight for us was listening to Steve Young on "NFL Primetime," doing his best to disguise his disgust at such a befouling of his vocation, and failing.


It's a time to celebrate Tony Dungy, and (we guess) Peyton Manning earning their rings ... but there was only one historic performance last night, and it belonged to Rex Grossman. Sex Cannon, we barely knew ye.

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