Person In Chicken Mask Celebrates Engagement Between Penn State Fans

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The cool crisp air that signals the beginning of fall also signals the beginning of another important time of the year: cuffing season. On ESPN’s College Gameday broadcast from Happy Valley, one Penn State fan decided to take advantage of the reason for the season and proposed to his significant other. However, this was not the highlight of the clip. It was the fan in the chicken mask excitedly shaking a printed “SHE SAID YES” sign next to them.


The set up and delivery were pretty solid as far as these sorts of things go. The sign hidden in the folds, the ring box hidden within a white pom-pom, the chicken man and the clear motor functions of someone who has spent most of the day drinking.

But I want it on record that I believe proposals during, or adjacent to, sporting events are typically bad because it’s a good way for a heart-warming, life-changing event to look cringey as hell, or go incredibly awry in front of way too many people. While some may have found this move adorable, I’m mildly bothered that these two fans are likely college students who are younger than me and their love makes me want to start drinking in the early afternoon. Anyways, cheers to the happy couple.