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The Seattle Seahawks have nine players from their 2014-15 Super Bowl season left on their current roster. Two of them, Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor, might be so injured that they’ll never play again. Two former players say that the significant turnover might in part be because head coach Pete Carroll had already exhausted his team’s veterans with the same slate of stories, and was ready to bring in a new group of players to eventually bore into submission.


Last month new 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman said of Carroll’s anecdotes and illustrative tales, “We had literally heard them all,” and that “we could recite them before he even started to say them. So I think that kind of went into it.” Sherman noted that Carroll was perhaps more used to coaching in college and turning over his entire roster every four years.

Former Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett agreed with Sherman’s assessment, as Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop told a Seattle radio station that Bennett would read books during meetings because he’d already heard all the motivational stories before:

Carroll responded to Sherman saying the Seahawks had “lost their way” by pointing out that Sherman loves to talk. “So what else is new? Sherm has been saying stuff his whole career, so this is nothing different. I’ve been through so much of what he has said, I take it all with a grain of salt. He’s just battling. He’s just trying to figure it out.”

Carroll didn’t really deny the idea behind cutting loose from older players, so maybe there’s a bit of truth to it. What’s clear, however, is that the coach needs to dust off whatever kernel of wisdom resulted in this:

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