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Sometimes, two different worlds of sports collide in unexpected and catastrophic ways. It kind of blows our minds a little bit.

Here's today's: Pete Rose's son, Pete Rose Jr., has been arrested and charged with distributing steroids. Yep. From the AP:

The indictment says Rose admitted that he received GBL from an individual in Tennessee while a member of the Chattanooga Lookouts, the double-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. He also admitted supplying half the players on that team with the drug. According to Rose, teammates would take GBL to "wind down" after the games.


This is the type of story that, ordinarily, we would live for. (Particularly since we always "wind down" with steroids too; it helps us come down from our regular ether high.) But our brains are currently spilled on the carpet of this hotel room, and our eyeballs are pointing in all different directions, like when we used to try to watch scrambled porn when we were kids. We hope to be back to normal soon.

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