The world record for fastest run around the bases is held by Evar Swanson, who did it in 13.3 seconds back in 1929. Peter Bourjos of the Angels came within a second of that tonight, and he thought he might've flied out to the warning track. Instead, Josh Willingham took a tumble and Bourjos came around in an astonishing 14.26 seconds, for the first inside-the-park HR of the 2012 season.

Even the estimable Larry Granillo of Baseball Prospectus, a man who tracks these things for a living, puts it as the third-fastest in recent memory. Last August, Tony Campana of the Cubs hit his first career HR in a time of 14.21 seconds. Bourjos actually had a faster time last season, at 14.02 seconds, though that was (technically) ruled a single and three-base error.