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We'll get into Roger Clemens more a little bit later — because we know you can just never get enough Roger Clemens and steroids talk, obviously — but we wanted to take a moment to salute Peter Gammons, everyone's favorite Andrew Jackson-impersonating, hard-rockin' baseball reporter.


Apparently, Gammons played at a charity concert the other night and performed a song he wrote about the Mitchell Report and steroids. A tasty excerpt:

Then one day I got a call from Mitchell's henchmen
Seems my name showed up where it shouldn't have been
Now I'm back at the Wal-Mart working midnight to nine
Playing beer league softball in lieu of ten years time
In lieu of ten years time


The Steroid Blues! We love it. Also at the concert: Bronson Arroyo, who took the opportunity to once again beg his way back to Boston. Reds fans have to just love that.

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