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Peter King Is Quite Mad, You Know

In case you weren't aware, the biggest rivalry in sports is not the Red Sox-Yankees. It's the Patriots vs. the Colts! A rivalry as old as sports itself! First fought with leather helmets when players had part-time jobs as dock workers! So says Peter King, and if he writes it, it must be true.

New England (8-0) at Indianapolis (7-0). The only thing like it in sports today in competitive intensity is Red Sox-Yankees — and Colts-Pats, to the country, is much, much bigger because, of course, football is much, much bigger. But the story is the same.


It's only Tuesday, and we're weary of the Patriots-Colts hype already ... and a bit apologetic that we'll be adding to it. But not too much, hopefully. And certainly not like this:

So we begin the countdown toward the most hyped regular-season game in memory. Maybe ever

So a writer hypes a sporting event by calling it the most hyped game of all time, thus hyping it more, which causes him to remark that it's even more hyped, which hypes it to a greater degree ... we're Through the Looking Glass, people!

Again: Not that this isn't going to stop us from writing about this game all week, including later today, probably.


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