Peyton Manning Does His Part To Make Sure Papa John's Will Continue Haunting Your Sundays

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Good news, everyone! America's favorite lipless pizza huckster is teaming up with America's favorite robustly foreheaded quarterback in order to bring as many annoying pizza commercials to your television as possible.

From the Associated Press:

Manning became the newest franchisee for Papa John's pizza, signing a deal to own 21 stores in the Denver area Friday, the same day the pizza maker also announced it had signed a multi-year contract to continue as the official pizza of the NFL and the Super Bowl. Terms were not disclosed.


"The pizza category is fun. Our founder has fun when he gets into the commercials," [Papa John's chief marketing officer, Andrew Varga] said. "You throw Peyton into that mix with the NFL platform and it makes it easy to execute lighthearted commercials that are very much in character for both."


Papa John's commercials have long been the worst thing about watching football on Sundays, and now we are doomed to see even more of them, featuring Manning as the company's go-to pitchman. Even someone as affable as Manning can't make the promise of "all real meats" sound enticing, though, and it won't belong before he gets enough of John Schnatter's stink on him to become completely unlikable.