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Peyton Manning Kind Of Awkward In A Public Setting

Let's all get together and laugh at a famous person acting like a real human being! To be fair, it's not really Peyton's fault. The only thing more awkward than watching someone rock out at a concert is watching a guy's face while he masturbates to Internet porn — the spastic motions, the furrowed brow while trying to find the "perfect" piece, the constant mouse clicking, the nipple tweaking (don't judge!), etc. — so it's no wonder that Peyton doesn't exactly seem to be in his element in the above video. He starts off alright - the girl-in-arm light rock motion looks somewhat natural - but when he ultimately introduces the Bobblehead Bounce towards the end, things take a turn for the worse. (This video's from March, but since there's only 2,000 or so views, the guess here is that you haven't seen it yet. Also of note, "Dancing in the Dark" includes neither "dancing" nor "darkness".) Know Your Colts History [Stampede Blue via Sporting Blog]

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