Peyton Manning Much Funnier Than Anyone Could Have Guessed

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MJD mentioned the Peyton Manning-hosted "Saturday Night Live" yesterday, but we finally sat down to watch it today. We have to say: We were actually quite impressed. He's sure as hell a lot funnier than Michael Jordan was on there, and definitely superior to Dane freaking Cook.

Our favorite sketch is above; it is, without question, amusing to watch Peyton Manning hit children in the head with footballs.


The show could have been more racy, however: According to one of Dan Shanoff's readers who was in the audience for the taping, Manning actually took a shot at Tom Brady that was not aired.

During Peyton's monologue, Amy Poehler was dressed in a Patriots jersey and heckled Peyton, saying "What does Tom Brady and the Circus have in common? They both have two more rings than you."

Peyton stared right back and said, "That's not the ONLY thing he'll have two more of....."


OK, if they had aired that, that would have ruled.

Manning Disses Brady On "SNL" []

(UPDATE: We've switched the video back to YouTube.)