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The New York Daily News has a cool story about hanging out at the Manning family's annual summer football camp—which is less of a camp at this point and more of a pilgrimage site for thousands of wannabe NFL players—and there are some entertaining anecdotes in there about Peyton, Eli, and Archie. But none surpass this one in terms of Peyton-Manning-as-a-huffy-dad related hilarity:

Archie doesn't ask his boys to do anything until they arrive, but Peyton punches in for duty immediately. During a press conference on the second morning, a representative of Nicholls State stood at the front of the room and acknowledged the 10 years the camp has been on the site. He spoke quickly, awarded the family a plaque of gratitude and declared the occasion "Manning Day." Twenty college players were sitting in the back of the room, awaiting interviews with reporters, their conversation growing louder. Peyton was perturbed and whispered to media liaison Greg Blackwell. Blackwell requested the quarterbacks quiet down. They did, but a minute later the noise level rose again. Peyton, his face turning red beneath his orange Tennessee visor, slipped out of the camera shot and walked quickly toward the back.

"Ya'll need to stop," Peyton said. "Just stop."

The Manning camp may be a star-studded event that draws the likes of Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston, but as long as Peyton is around it will still be, at least in part, a typical summer camp where a wooden and overworked counselor will scold campers for not keeping their dang voices down.



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