Phil Esposito was a five-time NHL scoring champion whose best playing days were with the Bruins. But he began his career in Chicago, where his brother, Tony, was a Hall of Fame goalie. That said, Esposito's rooting interest in this year's Stanley Cup final is easier than you think.

He's pretty much pulling for a meteor.

"You want to know the truth," said Esposito, the fifth-leading goal scorer in hockey history. "This series doesn't mean s*** to me.

"I have no feeling for these teams. There's nothing emotional about it. They both got rid of me, traded me. So screw them."


Well then. Esposito was was traded from the old Black Hawks to the Bruins in May 1967 in one of the most one-sided deals in league history. But he's still pissed he had to find out about the move from teammate Bobby Hull. Eight years and two Stanley Cup titles later, Boston sent Esposito to the Rangers, where he later coached and served as GM before he helped found the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tony Esposito says Phil and the Bruins have "no relationship" these days.

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