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Phil Kessel's Pittsburgh House Is For Sale, And It Has The Loneliest Home Theater In The World

Former Penguins winger Phil Kessel was traded to the Coyotes earlier this summer, which means that he’s put his Pittsburgh-area house on the market. For a mere $2.1 million, you can enjoy any film you’d like in the cavernous solitude of this home theater. Now that’s luxury.

Some photos in the listing show rooms which are still furnished, while others are bare, so it’s unclear if there was ever any furniture in them to begin with. Given the instability of their profession, pro athletes aren’t always eager to make their house a home, and Phil less so.


Kessel did have four movie posters in his theater/lair: Wedding Crashers, The Godfather, Rounders, and Glitter. The Big Four of Cinema, as they’re known.

This is Phil’s office; it is difficult to believe that he has ever sat at that desk.


Here’s one of many wall pieces. Phil seems like the kind of guy who could get motivated by art.


The house has a wine room. Either Phil generously left a few bottles of Bailey’s behind, or that’s all that was ever in it.


I like to imagine that Phil would wake up, go down to this shrine, and stand there and smile for no less than two hours every morning.


You can find all the photos here, or choose “3D View” if you’d like to see every inch of Casa de Kessel. See if you can find the room with nothing in it but a giant teddy bear. That is presumably where Phil’s interior designer gave up.



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