Phil Mushnick: Donald Sterling Was Lynched

Illustration for article titled Phil Mushnick: Donald Sterling Was Lynched

Look, is there anything even worth saying about this? New York Post hack Phil Mushnick, as we've previously reminded you, is a race-baiting troll whose job is basically to come as close to just filing a column consisting of the word "moulignan" written out 800 times as he can without getting fired. Anyway, he's weighed in on the Donald Sterling affair, and his takeaway is that Sterling was lynched. There's some shit in there about how Jalen Rose and Drake are the real racists, etc., but really, that's it, the main thing, the rhetorical core of the argument: Donald Sterling was lynched.

[O]n Tuesday, the NBA set its social and racial sensitivity bar at its highest rung. It lynched a mean old fool who committed the crime of being overheard speaking like one.


Given that there's clearly literally nothing this asshole can write that will cost him his job, he really may as well just write out "moulignan" 800 times. It would be an improvement.