Philadelphians Invited To Loot And Destroy; Yeah, This'll End Well

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They're tearing down the Spectrum, but there's still a ton of crap inside. So for $25, fans get three hours alone with the old arena, and may take home whatever's not bolted down. They were probably going to do that anyway.

It's always sad when an arena is demolished. So many memories. Like when the Harlem Globetrotters played a game on the roof of the building, or that time I went to the Nine Inch Nails concert and a dude in the parking lot was totally handing out nitrous balloons for free.

Saturday fans are invited to take some of their memories with them, in what's actually being called "If You Can Carry It, You Can Keep It." That includes, according to Comcast-Spectacor, folding chairs, used televisions, office furniture, couches and computer equipment. Basically, it'll be like Supermarket Sweep in an Office Depot. Except for the fact someone is going to die.


This isn't even about it being Philly fans. Put a bunch of collectors and diehards in an enclosed space, tell them they can take whatever they want, but they've got to get it before everyone else, and there's going to be body checks, tramplings, and the whole place will probably be on fire within 20 minutes. Maybe that was the plan all along: let the fans handle the arena's demolition.