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Philippine Senator And Bad Person Manny Pacquiao Wants To Execute Drug Dealers

Manny Pacquiao’s boxing career is ostensibly finished, which means he has more time to spend fulfilling his duties as an elected senator in his home country of the Philippines. This is bad news for Philippine citizens, because it’s never good when a nutjob holds a political office.


When Pacquiao was a congressman, he used his religious beliefs to justify his opposition to legislation that would have mandated sex education and subsidized contraception. Now that he’s a senator, he’s invoking God as a justification for the summary execution of drug dealers.

While addressing the Senate yesterday, Pacquiao argued in favor of putting convicted drug traffickers to death. Via

“We need to clarify that from then until now, the Constitution never barred the imposition of the death penalty, especially in the eyes of God,” said Pacquiao.

“The death penalty is lawful, moral and sanctioned governmental action. Having read the Bible on a regular basis, I am convinced that God is not just a God of mercy, but also a God of justice,” said the boxer and Christian preacher.

Pacquiao was asked by another senator how he thought the executions should be carried out. Pacquiao said that hanging should do the trick:

That line from Pacquiao that got such a big laugh from those in attendance translates to, “We just have to kick the chair.”