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Phillies Fans Finally Find Their Happy Place

While hanging out at the ole Philly Pants Party this weekend, we were amazed when a man, during our tailgate, walked up and handed us a flier. "Celebrate 10,000!" it said, with the requisite Web site all posted up and ready to go. The guy was wearing a Phillies jersey and, it seemed, in most circumstances actually cheered for the Phillies to win.

He told us to come by after Saturday's game, were the Phillies to actually lose, to drink and rejoice the franchise's 10,000th loss. To our lament, there were no floats or parades, but only because it's difficult to put together a float in an hour. We enjoy Philadelphia fans; it's difficult to imagine Yankees fans taking such joy in such a "milestone."


Anyway, the Phillies finally notched that 10,000th loss last night, mostly because they finally weren't facing Kip Wells or Mike Maroth. We don't know how the "celebration" went last night; we can't imagine anyone going too crazy, lest they miss the ESPYs. But we congratulate the Phillies; at the rate our Cardinals are going, we should catch up to you by the end of the year. Maybe Kip Wells can start every game.

By the way, somehow Tony La Russa ended up with the game ball last night. He's auctioning it off for puppies or something.

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