Over the weekend, these Phillies fans celebrated a win by doing keg stands on the subway. What's impressive about this is the fact that somewhere between attending a Phillies game and getting back to their home (or maybe dorm rooms), these guys procured an entire keg and then somehow managed to elude any conflict with the authorities when they started doing keg stands on the train.

But allow me to editorialize a bit: these guys are bad at keg stands! You'd think Phillies fans would have this down by now. False. The first guy only goes for nine seconds. I understand that five bros on the El doesn't make for prime keg stand conditions, but I expected more from the notoriously drunk Phillies fans.

And if this is what they bring after winning three games at the start of the season, just imagine what will come if the Phillies make the World Series. Beer pong in Independence Hall? Hot-boxing the Liberty Bell? The gauntlet has been thrown.

Via The 700 Level.