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Phillies Feel A World Title Is Very Close

What they're saying from parents' basements across the land on the Phillies' 10-2 win over the Rays in Game 4 of the World Series ...Evan Longoria Shares An Intimate Moment With Jimmy Rollins. While accentuating another umpire blunder in this series (that’s #5 if you’re keeping track at home), the FOX graphics team put a purdy little frame around a close-up of Evan Longoria’s glove knuckle-deep in Jimmy Rollins’ ass. What a gorgeous painting that would make! You could honestly just crop out the rest of the shot, print that sucker out, and nail it to your living room wall. Thanks for that, FOX. [The Fightins']• Sleeping Giant. You knew it was going to happen some time: Ryan Howard was going to hit. Someone was going to hang a breaking ball, or feed him a fastball, and he was going to pay for it. It took twelve post-season games in 2008 for Howard to finally break out. [Crashburn Alley] • X = 0 When X = Pena's H + Longoria's H. Disappointing performance all around. Bad defense, awful offense, questionable pitching. We got our asses beat. For the first time this season a Rays victory simply means living one more day, and not advancing, in an elimination game. [DRays Bay] • Jimmy Rollins Really Got Tagged On That One. How in the name of David Fisher did they get the glove out? And how the hell did Rollins find the strength to stay in the game and get three hits? If that was Gary Sheffield, it's safe to say the promising, engaging young talent that is Evan Longoria would no longer exist today. [The Sports Hernia] • Report: Amaro To Be Named GM. According to reports, Ruben Amaro Jr. is expected to replace Pat Gillick as Phillies general manager. An announcement may be made within 24 to 48 hours after the end of the World Series. Amaro has been assisting Gillick since he took over as GM in 2006. Boy, what a great time for the Phils to leak this one. It’s pretty evident Phillie fans aren’t too keen on Amaro, so it makes sense to announce this as the champagne for a world championship gets placed in the locker room. [Phillies Nation] • World Series Game Four Recap: Delayed "Lost A Contact Lens" Edition. Contact lens wearers should sympathize with me. I lost a contact lens before the game last night. Don't even know what happened, but the dreaded blur-and-PLOP! from my left eyeball occurred around 7 PM. And being the dope that I am, I didn't bring a spare pair of glasses, and I live two hours from the ballpark, so I got to watch the game in a smudgy binocular haze from my otherwise excellent seats. Thankfully I still had my dominant eye, and I saw well enough to know that it was a TREMENDOUS game and that I really, really promise never to call Joe Blanton "Cookies" ever again. [The Good Phight] • Phillies Parade Gear. Jinx, schminx. I’m thinking win tonight, parade tomorrow or Wednesday. Potential parade pitfall: The weather is looking a little iffy tomorrow (chance of showers), and frosty for Wednesday (high of 49). So if you’re doing the parade thing (I’m going to use all my skills and powers to be there) dress for the elements. [Phils-Ville] • Rays Hammered 10-2. The Rays look like a group of tired old men sitting on the bench as they bat. The smiles and laughter have faded from their faces. That used to be the hallmark of this team. No matter the situation they had a good time together as a group. That attitude made for many comebacks during the course of the season and the playoffs. Unless the Rays can put the past few games behind them and come out aggressive at the dish this World Series will end Monday night. This is not an easy task no matter their attitude as the Rays will face the best the Phillies have to offer in Cole Hamels. [Rays Homeplate] • Maddon Signs Phillies Hat, Poses For Picture . Jake Cassidy, 12, was looking for autographs with his dad today at the Rays' hotel. Manager Joe Maddon came through the lobby and agreed to sign his Phillies hat, then patiently waited while Cassidy's dad Mark figured out how to take a picture with his iPhone. "He's nice but he's not Charlie Manuel," Jake said. [The Heater]


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