Phillies' "Pistachio Girl" Fired For Being A White Nationalist

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Emily Youcis, better known as “Pistachio Girl” at Philadelphia Phillies games, has been fired from her vendor job by Aramark, because she couldn’t stop supporting white nationalism online.

Pistachio Girl was known for her distinct singing as she hawked concessions, even after the park stopped selling pistachios:

The 26-year-old Youcis talked about her firing in a YouTube interview Saturday and addressed it on Twitter Sunday.


Via, Aramark released a statement explaining that Youcis was fired for “publicly connecting our company to views that contradict our values.”

Youcis appeared in a video of a Nov. 19 anti-fascism protest of white supremacist Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. She walked around with a microphone and asked if anyone wanted to have a discussion; a brief fight broke out near her but nothing else really happened. That probably had to do with her termination. It probably also had to do with how she tweets about the white race being threatened:


She also really doesn’t like Muslims:


“I was like a god there,” Youcis said of her old ballpark in Saturday’s YouTube interview. “I owned that stadium.”

Hopefully the Phillie Phanatic does not hold similar beliefs. That’d break my heart.