• Dudes, fighting in dong-high waters, after gauntlet thrown down via splashed aggression. (SoV, 0:50)

• In the case of Haverly vs. Greenberg, it could only be White Boy Day for one of 'em. (SoV, 0:36)

• The moral of the story? Don't talk sh*t on Twitter, or this might happen to you. (SoV, instantly)


• The "South Gate Fair girl fight" would have been considerably better if the cinematographer thought to film it properly. (SoV, instantly)

• Your "How To Deal With Multiple Attackers" One To Grow On:

• This "2 girls fight in hotel room" footage is brought to you by Money Hustle Music. Of course it is. (SoV, 1:37)


• Presenting "Whitely World Ent fight in bml." Title translation possibilities welcome in the comments section. (SoV, instantly)

• Spolier Alert: Either a Mexican or a "Fat Kid" loses a tooth. (SoV, 0:39)

• Hear ye, hear ye. Today's show is brought to you by "Don't Call His Girl Fat Bottle Broken Over Head, Dude Stomped in KY! WATCH!!!!CRAZY FIGHT!!!" Get him off the street! (SoV, 0:45)


• Your "Bus Passenger Rage" Interlude:

Bus passenger rage

• Lady gets pushed over the rail on a Philly front porch; seemingly lands on her feet. For a couple minutes, at least. Until she chooses to talk about some guy's mama. Which is justification to start swinging real steel at her. In front of a school bus. World Star! Dayeum! (SoV, instantly)


• Two young ladies choose to work their problems out not with words, but with fists. (SoV, 0:08)

• White girl vs. Black girl. Who ya got? (SoV, instantly)

• Others: "30 EDL Racists Brutally Attack 3 Asians." "Crazy people fights with chairs." "Team MILLS Vs. John Doe EFK (Elmira fight klub) Second Street Fight." "Ultimate Massive Fight!" "dekaney fight restroom brawl." "NSU Fight!" "(EXCLUSIVE) Boston Club Fight!!! It goes down @ups n down pt 2." "Old City (Knoxville) Fight." "Fuckin Fags making the Block HottER." "WHY WE CAN'T GET ALONG?!!! [MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND] // YOUNG GIRL TRIES 2 BANG W/ OLD GUY & WOMAN!!" "Russian Scandal and Riots." "Spurs fans fight in stands during Thunder/Spurs Game 2." "Pretty decent fight at the USA vs. Brazil game. (H/T Brad W.)" "Street Fighter in real." "Tote Beatin Crystal's ASS!" "ghetto fight." "FIGHT ON SOCCER FIELD." "Another Hood fight." "Brawl at rebelution concert." "Fight in European City." "Chatsworth Lunch Brawl." "Camden (NJ) Cat Fight."


• Your "Break It Up, Scumbag" Jersey-Train Lady-Fight Coda:

Jersey fight on train!!