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Last night, the Suns revealed their three new uniforms for the upcoming season. They did it at a "fashion show" at a Scottsdale mall, because Arizona.

(Seriously, the video of the event is kind of sad. The audience is groups of kids who appear to have been bussed in, and the occasional shopper who walks by and notices the fuss.)


As for the uniforms themselves? Not bad! Certainly much better than the painfully boring Pelicans jerseys unveiled earlier this month. The photo above comes from Arizona Republic reporter Paul Coro, and here's another look, from the Suns' site.

The "speed rays" to the left of the number is reminiscent of the Suns logo on the uniforms of the mid-'90s, but it replaces the cartoonishness with modern sleekness (and maybe sterility).

Not that anyone will notice, but there are easter eggs throughout:

The nine speed rays coming off the numbers symbolize the nine former players in the team’s Ring of Honor, the Phoenix-basketball logo is now on the waistband of the purple shorts and the sleeve of the orange uniform, and the gradient colors in the word “Suns” symbolize the rising and setting sun.


I'm not so sure about the orange sleeved alternates. It reminds you of the Bobcats, and even the Bobcats don't want to remind people of the Bobcats.

For more detailed breakdowns, head to Uni Watch and

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