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Photographer Ian Derry Explains the Hazards of Shooting Underwater

Over at the always stellar A Sporting Life, photographer Ian Derry details a shoot he recently did with his free diver friend Guillaume Nery. Everything was going smoothly off the coast of Nice, France until Derry noticed just about the worst thing that can happen to an underwater photographer:

I jumped in first and visibility was good. I swam back to the boat and my assistant handed me my Canon 5d mk3 in my Aquatica underwater housing so I could do some test shots while Guillaume was getting his wetsuit and monofin on. As soon as I hit the trigger I realized something was wrong. It wasn't in it's usual position and wouldn't fire. I then noticed there was water inside the housing so quickly swam back to the boat and handed it back to my assistant.


After battling his equipment and the weather, Derry decided to call it a day, opting instead to shoot with an unfamiliar housing the next morning. Head over to A Sporting Life to read the rest of Derry's story and check out the full set of his images.

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