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Picking Apart The Alex Rodriguez Story

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I find it amusing and there are no syringes in it. So is Jeter clearly on the outer edge of the nostril here?

I think everyone in these parts has made their peace with the Alex Rodriguez confession, but surely others must have an opinion. They do! And here they are:

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My lawyer never told me that: "This is bad. I wanted to let him off the hook, I really did, and I still don't hold him fully responsible in the sense that baseball created this problem and, let's face it, everyone was cheating during this period. The problem is, this guys story seems about as legit Roger Clemens or Barry Bond's at this point. Any good lawyer- hell, even a bad one- will tell you to stick to your story and never stray." [I'm Writing Sports]


It's good to have principles: "Anybody who want to pay me upwards of $200 million can put just about anything in my butt as long as I get the money up front. No questions asked. Tic-Tacs for $100 million? Done. What's that? Steroids? $120 million? Hmmm... Lemme think about... Done. Gerbils? $180 million? Sure, why not." [Gaslamp Ball]

Classic Lupica: "At this point you want Alex Rodriguez to find a cousin, any cousin, who will inject him with truth serum." [Mike Lupica]

I don't know; I thought it went well: "As someone in the PR industry, I can't imagine a more disastrous performance (and I use that word intentionally) then Rodriguez put on Tuesday afternoon. Is there such things as an F-, because that was more than failing. Instead of slamming doors shut with confidence and honesty, he opened about 10 more up with evasiveness and incoherent babbling." [Cecilio Guante]

I'm glad you're here to tell us these things: Yes, Johnny Damon, you are correct. Committing murder is worse than using steroids. [Bob's Blitz]


Knowing is half the battle: "We have to appreciate his honesty when he basically said he wasn't sure if he'd say anything had it not been for the Sports Illustrated report. But the bottom line is we just can't believe he took something for so long without knowing what it was." [Darren Rovell]


Thanks for the pictures: "A-Rod: Creating childhood memories, one presser at a time" [Big League Stew]

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