Throughout the first period there were a couple condescending attempts from McGuire to involve Coyne—specifically by drawing comparisons to the women’s game as if she couldn’t understand the NHL on its own terms. But the worst came during a moment of feistiness on the ice after the Penguins scored a pair of rapid-fire goals. McGuire compared the regular-season scuffle to the intensity of last winter’s USA-Canada gold medal game, which, okay bro, but Coyne rolled with it. “Yeah, except I had a cage on for that one,” Coyne said.

“I’ll be your cage tonight, how’s that?” McGuire replied in a tone that gets more nauseating the more you hear it. It was followed by a few seconds of just a brutally awkward silence, mercifully broken by a power play faceoff.

Pierre McGuire Kendall Coyne Awkward Moment

Get this clown out of here!

Update (2:17 p.m., 1/31): Coyne tweeted out a lengthy statement saying, “I’ve known Pierre McGuire for years. I know he respects me as a hockey player, a woman, and a friend and that is why I didn’t think twice about our on-air exchange when it happened.” She also says, though, of the pre-game exchange, “I understand why people would think it was inappropriate; if I were watching it at home and saw a man say this to a woman athlete, I would have been offended.”