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Pig Rodeo Rides Home The Bacon

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Do you like mutton bustin', but wish it had less adorableness and more frightened squealing? Then maybe the Japanese pig rodeo is more your speed.

Grown men and women riding miniature livestock just doesn't have the same emotional pull as kids tackling walking pillows, but the Seiyo City Mikame Summer Festival held its 26th annual pig rodeo last week nonetheless. It was wild and muddy and I assume they served pork chops afterward. The important thing to note is that if an animal has four legs, humans will try to ride it and also probably gamble on that. And then when they are no longer useful to us, we will hit them cars. That is proper and just.


And when the pigs eventually take over the farm and the planet, just remember that I was nowhere near Japan last week. I always eat my bacon with respect!

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