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Piling On Chris Henry, Just Once More

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Like Tuffy said last night on our radio show, Chris Henry is like Pacman Jones without the Eddie Haskell-type contrition, and it's just way more depressing. And now that he's been cut by the Cincinnati Bengals, it's no longer really a sports story, but a troubled human interest story. Which makes this particular story relevant on a sports blog in the ex post facto sense, because the night before Henry punched a teenager, he and some other Bengals were thrown out of a Cincinnati nightclub.


Say, what's Marvin Lewis doing what that straight jacket?

They are destroying the ceiling in the back room and they are all highly intoxicated. The bar owners ... want them ejected from the bar, and we are going to try to eject them now. They have been rowdy all night

One of the security guys said that Chad Johnson was present, which was later refuted. So Cincinnati just has one heck of a situation. Non-Chad Johnson players are out partying and destroying nightclubs, and actual Chad Johnsons are, well, Chad Johnsoning around.

The Bengals' night life mischief faded away for about a year or so, but it appears they're back in midseason form. Dust off your criminal charges bingo card, you'll need them this summer.

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