Pitbull And J. Lo Team Up For The Official 2014 World Cup Anthem

Here it is, the song that you are going to be so damn sick and tired of hearing by the time the 2014 World Cup is over. Wrap your ears around Pitbull and J. Lo's "We Are One (Ole Ola)."


I'm not here to pass judgement on Pitbull's abilities as a rapper (Pitbull is Pitbull, whaddya want from him?), nor the quality of this song (It's a lowest-common-denominator anthem for an international sporting event, whaddaya want from it?), but I do take issue with all that damn whistling. I plan on watching a lot of World Cup games, which means that whistle is going to crawl its way into my ear canal and stay there for the whole summer. That's going to be a huge bummer.

Having said all that, ¬°Daleeeeeee!