Even Karen Sypher's soon-to-be-ex husband , Tim, who is still the Louisville equipment manager, thinks his wife's claims are wacky.

Unfortunately, the revealing details of their divorce from last March have been sealed. Of course they have. Tim Sypher, who's been the Louisville's basketball equipment manager with the team for 7 years, told the paper that he thinks his wife's allegations against Pitino are "bizarre."

More bizarre? Karen Sypher apparently:

From email: A friend of mine works in Louisville, and actually has worked with Karen Sypher. Two years ago, ran into her at the Oaks and took this picture of her. She's a piece of work


Maybe I just have a low opinion of women who wear giant orange-feather hats in public(even if it is the Kentucky Derby), but why do I get the feeling, after all of the investigative work is complete, we're going to find out that Karen Sypher is suffering from some sort of psychological disorder? She seems like the type of person who would spend thousands of dollars to have her closets redesigned just to fit her goofy hats. Then she'd burn those hats in the middle of the living room because she didn't like how the contractor took a tone with her when they discussed a price. Yes, I know her type. She'd be a perfect "special guest editor" at some point.

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