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Place Bets On The Next NBA Stoner

This has certainly been covered elsewhere — most excellently by TrueHoop - but we really can't get over the "Josh Howard is a terrible person for smoking weed" meme. As Henry Abbott put it, "We're not alarmed that one young person smoked pot. We're alarmed that anyone admitted it." Fitting, not even Howard's sponsors really care.

Even if Howard is passing out birthday party invites right as his team is about to be eliminated, and generally playing poorly in the playoffs, we're not sure what weed has to do with it.


But that's all just a (not really) high-minded way to justify this gambling opportunity to bet on which NBA player will admit to weed use next. The favorite, perhaps not surprisingly, is Rasheed Wallace. But there's no worse bet than LeBron James at 40-1. Not a chance.

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