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If you haven't gotten brought up to speed on The Bronx Is Burning just yet, fret not: It's pretty easy to catch up. Oliver Platt yells, John Turturro yells, Sam shoots people, Reggie hits homers. (The Dugout recap sums it up rather well.)

If you need more detail on the real point of the show, however, New York's Vulture blog is recapping the show's true event: The rabid overacting contest between Platt and Turturro. So far, Platt's int he lead.

Platt takes an early lead in this first hour-long inning, knocking three scenes out of the park from the very beginning: his berating of a weeping Martin after the Yanks lose the 1976 World Series, his shifty and hilarious denial that he threatened free agent Bobby Gritch, and his Central Park courtship of Jackson. But Turturro makes a game of it at episode's end, when in the last week of spring training, he blows up at a meddling Steinbrenner in the clubhouse, even getting a chance to perform the overactor's favorite signifier of rage: Sweeping a bunch of shit off a table.


Platt's gotta be considered the heavy favorite here, but only if Turturro doesn't break into Big Lebowski mode halfway through.

The Platt/Turturro Scoreboard, First Inning [Vulture]

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