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Plaxico Burress And The Hidden Arms Cache

In a daring midnight raid on the home of New York militia leader Plaxico Burress, police officers uncovered a secret "cache" of weapons and ammunition that he was undoubtedly saving for the revolution.

By "cache of weapons," of course, they mean one 9-mm handgun and a rifle that may or may not have been registered. Also found at the Totowa, N.J., home were the infamous non-bulletproof sweatpants and a suitcase full of cash. Hmm ... guns, ammo, and large supplies of portable currency? If that doesn't sound like someone preparing for the coming anarchy of the Western financial collapse, I don't know what does.


Of course, it could just mean that Burress is a lousy citizen who doesn't believe in things like "registrations" or "insurance" or "banks." This doesn't really change anything, unless one of those guns does happen to be unregistered, because that just gives prosecutors one more thing to throw at him. But what's another unlicensed gun charge among friends?

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