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Plaxico Burress Found Guilty Of Poor Strip Club Etiquette

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The NYPD continues to investigate Plaxico Burress and his activities on the night of November 28. It seems that Latin Quarter was not the only establishment graced by his sweatpants that evening.

Burress and teammates Antonio Pierce and Ahmad Bradshaw actually began the night at Head Quarters, a "jiggle joint" (really, New York Post?) on the West Side of Manhattan. Police have tracked down security camera footage of them drinking, eating from a buffet dinner laid out for the club's workers, stealing free gropes from the ladies, and generally being lousy guests.

Burress, 31, already was known at the club for being a "cheap," customer, and "very rude, conceited, full of himself," sources said.

"He's the most unpopular celebrity that's been there," said another source, adding he routinely paid strippers the minimum $20 for lap dances, in contrast to other big-name customers, who fork over as much as $200.

On the other hand, Pierce, a married linebacker, is well-liked there. On Nov. 28, after arriving at Head Quarters, the Giants were met by a trio of women who are not club employees, sources said. Sources said Pierce originally told authorities there were no women with the Giants that night.

They went upstairs, where club workers were enjoying dinner, and soon began drinking what ended up being two bottles of Patron tequila, which they were not charged for, sources said.


As if the illegal firearms possession, lying to police, and obstruction of justice weren't enough, now everyone in the entire New York strip club world knows that Plaxico Burress is a lousy tipper who eats with his hands. I'm pretty sure that's the kind of reputation you want to avoid if you going to be spending a lot of time in that scene. But I guess that also explains the sweatpants.


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