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Player Gets Red Card For Hacking Down His Own Brother

I mean, I get it. Sometimes, brothers suck. Sometimes, shit gets heated. Sometimes, there's nothing to do but take a running start, slide two feet through the back of their legs, and deal with Ma Dukes later.

This particular case of fratricide comes from Ecuador, in the second leg of the Primera A final. Emelec were playing SC Barcelona, and after drawing 1-1 at Barcelona on Thursday, Emelec were in good shape to win their second straight league title.


In the 10th minute, Emelec attacking midfielder Miller Bolanos was receiving a pass in the midfield. That's when brother Alex rushed in with a two-footed slide tackle right through the back of Miller's legs.

It was pretty gnarly, but just as gnarly was Miller looking at the perp, seeing it was his own flesh and blood, and then rolling around the ground to sell the red card. Miller then went on to score two goals as Emelec won 3-0.

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