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Playing In Little League World Series Gives You Serious Game

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Obviously, reaching the Little League World Series has its perks—new uniforms, free licorice, uncomfortable silences with sportscasters—but there is one greatly overlooked benefit to reaching the heights of pre-teen athletic stardom: Hot and cold running chicks.


The boys from McAllister Park Little League in San Antonio will play in the U.S. Championship on Saturday, provided they can drag themselves away from the babes clamoring for their attention. They are doing very well with the 12-13 year old ladies who have taken a liking to their favorite players ... and these "sharks" are on the prowl. Observe:

"The one in the green shirt is calling me," [Kyle] Pollard said. "She's my stalker. This is like the ninth time this has happened." ....

"It's pretty weird," [Steven] Cardone said. "I don't really know what to do a lot of the time. The good thing is that I don't have a cell phone, so I just give them Kyle or Wyatt (Willis') number and I don't have to talk to them." Willis claims to have collected 26 phone numbers. His success is touching only the surface of the team's overall fandom. ....

"I mean, they were nice and took our pictures and got our autographs, so it was cool," Drew Brooks said. "But yeah, she made a jersey with my name on it. That was weird." ....

[Zack] Morrow was talking to one group of girls earlier in the week when a reporter walked up and the girls scattered. "Go stand over there," he shouted at the reporter. "You blew it. You stopped the shark attack."


Oh, man. Wait until these kids get to high school and find out that LLWS rings are no longer a license to pull talent. (Talk about peaking too soon.) The moms are freaking out too, of course, because they know what these junior miss hussies are after. Those seven minutes in heaven can quickly turn into lunch milk support payments until graduation.

Unfortunately, not all of the attention is welcome.

"An old man gave me an Emmitt Smith action figure because he saw on TV that he was my favorite player," said Pollard. "That was the first action figure I ever got from an old man I don't know."

Oh ... my. You should probably tell another adult about that.

Little Leaguers are livin' large [My San Antonio]

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