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Playoff Pants Party: Colts Vs. Chiefs

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Because we're just now back and getting around to previewing these playoff matchups — jeez, we missed the whole playoff picture clearing up; we were gone longer than we realized — we thought we'd toss in one of these playoff previews today so the site isn't run over with them tomorrow.

So, our first matchup, the early game Saturday, involves those plucky Kansas City Chiefs, who will ride the beaten but proud legs of Larry Johnson, traveling to Indianapolis to face the Colts, who would seem primed to win this game, since it's an early-round playoff game and therefore not all that important. Though if our cousin Denny could run for 86 yards on the Colts, what can Johnson do? But you've been over all that already. Let's look at the predictions.


Cool Standings: Colts.
Football Outsiders: Colts.
Harmon Forecast: Colts.
Paul Zimmerman: Colts.
Scouts, Inc.: Chiefs.
Kissing Suzy Kolber: Colts.
Deadspin: Chiefs. Why not? We're so freaking sick of the Colts.

As always, we look forward to your predictions in the comments, if you're feeling funky.

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