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This is the late game tomorrow night, which means, if you plan your day correctly, you should be properly hammered enough by halftime to confuse that dude in the corner with some ex-girlfriend who did you wrong. (Or, for female and non-traditional male readers, uh ... OK, we're not sure what the equivalent is.)

No one is giving Jacksonville much of a chance, though we have a feeling if they were playing the Bengals rather than the Patriots, they'd be the trendy pick. Or maybe everyone's just afraid of disrespecting Tom Brady even further.

A roundup of picks from around the Web, including our own. Warning: Our picks are almost always wrong.

Bill Simmons: Patriots.
Daily Quickie's Instant Histrionics: Patriots.
Harmon Forecast: Patriots.
NFL Spam: Patriots.
Onside Kicks: Patriots
Peter King: Patriots.
Paul Zimmerman: Patriots.
• DEADSPIN PICK: Patriots. Sorry. We don't want to feel Brady's wrath.

(Give us your predictions and rationales in the comments, if you're not chicken. Well, McFly ... are ya CHICKEN?.)