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Once again we find the Patriots fighting in one of those "respect" games. This week, the disrespected team is the Denver Broncos, who really nobody has any faith in whatsoever regardless of their record, Jake Plummer's "maturity" and the fact their defense has been surprisingly solid all year—with mostly Cleveland Browns rejects, no less.

But does anybody doubt the Patriots at this point? For some reason, no. This team has cripples and wide receivers on its defense, is playing away from home and this chip on Corey Dillon's shoulder Madden's talking about last weekend could invariably be him just wigging out. Plus, the dude didn't look too spry lasty weekend did he?

Anyway, predictions.

· Bill Simmons: Pats
· Daily Quickie: Pats
· Cris Carter: Pats
· Peter King: Pats
· Paul Zimmerman: Pats
· Harmon Forecast: Denver(FINALLY)
· DEADSPIN Pick: Pats

(Give us your predictions and rationales in the comments, if you have game. Do you have game? Seriously, do you have it? Take your time. We ll wait.)