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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Again, so we don't overrun the site with Pants Parties tomorrow, we thought we'd preview Saturday's first game today. So here you are.


The Ravens have been that quietly dominant team all season, while the Colts look they have one of the weaker playoff teams they've had in a while. (We're contractually obliged to mention this: They said this exact same thing about the St. Louis Cardinals, though we're told football is a somewhat different sport than football.) Last week the Colts' defense looks like they had tackled people before and had the potential to do so again. This might be the most intriguing game of the weekend, though it's the divisional round, and we might say that about every game.

Here's a look at the predictions; last week, we were, predictably, 2-2.

Cool Standings: Ravens.
Football Outsiders: Ravens.
Harmon Forecast: Ravens.
Paul Zimmerman: Colts.
Peter King: Ravens.
Kissing Suzy Kolber: Ravens.
Deadspin: Colts. Eventually we're going to drop this whole "there's an NFL team like the Cardinals!" theory. Probably when the Colts lose this week. Ah well.


Thoughts? Let's hear 'em ... it's never too early for playoff football.

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