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Playoff Pants Party: Red Sox Vs. Angels

The Red Sox didn't make the playoffs last year. That seems weird. We had been wondering why last year's playoffs seemed so bereft of histrionic drama!

They're back now, and playing an Angels team that's hard to figure; these teams are almost opposite in the way their rosters were constructed. We like the idea of Red Sox fans staying up until 2 in the morning to watch the road games, though. We suspect Boston offices are going to be working slow for a while ... fortunately, they should be on a weekend.


A look at predictions from around the Internets:

CoolStandings: Red Sox in five.
AJ Daulerio: Red Sox in three.
Keith Law: Red Sox in five.
Will Carroll: Red Sox in four.
Jeff Pearlman: Angels in four.
Jayson Stark: Red Sox in five.
Buster Olney: Red Sox in five.
• DEADSPIN: Red Sox in four. The Sox have been a little shaky, but this is a much, much better matchup for them than the Indians would have been.


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